Bureaucrat Director
  • I live in my house.
  • My occupation is maccas and as a student.
  • I am a guy.
  • Datwikiguy

    So hey, I'm Datwikiguy and I am currently working alongside another wikia user Davide Yamazaki, as we have both noticed that this wikia has been quite inactive for a good long period of time, which has motivated us to attempt and revive this wikia again as we can see that there is potential in a wikia like this.

    But in order for us to accomplish that we must first check to see if there is any user on this wikia site that still continuously edits for the benefit of the wikia's articles. As according to Adoption Guidelines we are to be recommended that we check up on the activity of other users who have edited on this site. We can see good things coming out of this wikia and so we ask kindly that you could please notify of any activity on thi…

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