Ishizuka Style is an original cooking style developed by Kenji Ishizuka and later taught to Taka Ishizuka.


This style is an original cooking style created by Kenji Ishizuka, who began developing the method as far back as his high school years at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy along with Joichiro Yukihira who develop his own cooking style Yukihira Style. Kenji perfected his signature style as he traveled the world and became a world-famous freelance chef along with Joichiro. He later settles down with his wife Inadori District and opens a Family Dinner which is few block away from Yukihira Dinner and had a son who eventually picked up the style through some training under Kenji, and his own personal research and trial and error.

The main strength of this technique is its constant evolution similar to the Yukihira Style but through Logical and clear thinking since the basis of Ishizuka Style Cookery comes from a mixture of thousands of cooking disciplines and a wide knowledge of culinary preparation from practical food application and ingredient experimentation.

The style is not without its flaws. The style takes years to "master" and requires extensive research and experimentation. Because of their extensive need to experiment ingredient combinations, practitioners,