Senzaemon Nakiri

The Patriarch of Nakiri family, the one who founded Totsuki Organization, Senzaemon is the maternal grandfather of Elise and living legend of culinary world. She has deep respect of her grandfather because she has become her and Erina guardian since Elise entered Totsuki as well as recovering Erina from Azami's abuse. His retirement, made her became the Vice Headmaster of Tōtsuki.

Azami Nakiri

Azami is the biological father of Elise and Erina. She never know what her father have behind those smile of him. She respected him but after being exiled by Senzaemon, she lost all respect for her own father. And first meeting him after so many years, frightened her so much that she lost confidence is cooking. But, she regained her confidence with Kuga's help.

Erina Nakiri

Erina is the only sister of Elise. She loves her very much. After discovering she has latent abilities, she is proud and wants her to be able to grow up that 'Gods Tongue' of her. Erina sees her as a mother than a sister. Both of them is really caring to each other without a single doubt. Erina has no qualms that her sister dating Terunori Kuga.

Alice Nakiri

Elise's only one Danish cousin. She loves her as equal as Erina. Since they were living together for awhile before Elise studying aboard, they would always chit-chat, sleeping together like a family would. Elise is an opposite of Erina, she's can manage to joking around with her.

Leonora Nakiri

Leonora is the maternal aunt of Elise. She hold a deep respect of her. Sometimes, Leonora would let herself being called 'mother' by Elise.

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy

Rindo Kobayashi

Rindo is an alumnus of 90th Generation Totsuki Academy. When they first met, they quickly get along. Although, Rindo is surprised that Terunori Kuga can get a girlfriend in his second year. Even after she graduated, Elise never held a grudge at her for siding with her father.

Terunori Kuga

Terunori is the partner and boyfriend to Elise. They always together since their first year, the clip hair that Kuga use is a birthday present from Elise. Since then, he is never seen not wearing it. Kuga holds an interest on her, even willingly to side with rebels to fight Elise's father.

Terunori really get attached to her alot, despite Nene brags about their height. Elise always being called 'Ayu-chin' a nickaname only he can use on her. On Moon Banquet Festival on their second year, Elise became the only woman waitress for Chinese Cuisine RS. Even though she dislike being called maid, She always did it for her sake.

The 4th of Moon Banquet, Terunori lost the sales against a first year, Yukihira Soma. Which lead him can't fight Eishi Tsukasa, a third year. Seeing Terunori all depressed, she willingly to comfort him and make him cheer up again.